Your Guide to a great time!

Sports bars are the ultimate refuge from the crazy reality of today's fast paced world. After working all week to make due, you want to let loose and relax in a fun and friendly setting so you can enjoy the ultimate comfort, and we totally understand that. Walking through the doors of a sports bar in Philly is like being transported to another world entirely, where you're surrounded by like-minded individuals whose goal is to watch the hometown sporting event and have a few ice cold beers while doing it. It sounds like a good time to us!

Philadelphia is one of the most sought after sports cities in America, with teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers, and the Philadelphia 76ers. Whether you're a fan of hockey, baseball, football, or basketball...Philadelphia sports bars offer something for you to enjoy. If you're interested in visiting some sports bars in Philly, you'll want to know about all of the best spots to party at. A good sports bar is more than just a dive bar with a few televisions, after all. Philadelphia is home to many fantastic sports bars who really know how to cater to sports fans.

We've asked all of the locals about their favorite places to go to watch the big game, and we've done a bit of of our own research to come up with this comprehensive listing of sports bars in Philly. You can guarantee that your experience at these establishments will be a positive one! These bars are known for their spacious interiors, large televisions to watch the game on, drink specials, attentive wait staff, and delicious food. Check them out the next time you find yourself in the Philadelphia area looking to have a good time.